NG Gemeente Rietfontein-Suid

Ons Gee Om

Suid-Afrikaanse toer na Oekraine

Suid-Afrikaanse Groep Skedule: 2012-12-06 - 2012-12-23

Wednesday, 05
Leave at 19:35 on flight LH573 from Jhb, land 05:15 on the 6th at Frankfurt, departing on LH1490 at 09:40
Thursday, 06
Arrival at the Boryspil Airport, Kiev at 13:05 on the 6th of December. Transfer to hotel “Lybid” (50km).
Dinner at the hotel restaurant

Friday, 07
Breakfast (8.00-9.30)
Visit to Moldova Embassy in Kiev to apply for Moldova visas. Embassy opens at 10.00 a.m.
Museum of Chornobyl (12:30)
Lunch in Kiev buffet restaurant
Getting Moldova visas at around 16.00
Opera House visit, 19.00

Saturday, 08
Breakfast (8.00)
Start to Rivne destination (distance to cover: 350 km)
Visit to CRI Home Potiyivka 51-12 to meet CRI children #1101791 Sergiy Denysenko and #1103370 Kateryna Los (Leon Tait; Miss G.B. Bhuda & Ms M.M. Nel). Christian Theatre show.
Lunch - at a restaurant “INTER”, Zhytomyr area (half-way to Rivne)
Arrive and check-in the Rivne Hotel “Myr”.

Sunday, 09
Breakfast (8.30 a.m.)
Going to Church.
Lunch at the “Flamingo” restaurant
Free time. OCL event

Monday, 10
Breakfast at 8:00. Start to Sarny at 8.30 near the hotel “MYR”
10.15 - coffee\tea with biscuits in Sarny office
Tour on the Sarny Training Center (sewing, cooks and computer courses)
Visit to CRI Home Chudel 50-3 to meet CRI child #1105527, Iryna Zhuchenya (Leon Tait).
Visit to F2F family of Yevtushyna, 50-4-3361 (Ron & Helena Lindeman)
Lunch in the Sarny office
Visit to F2F families of Bigun and Vlasyuk, 50-4-100927 and 50-4-101036 (Miss G.B. Bhuda & Ms M.M. Nel)
17.00 - back to Rivne.
19.30 - dinner at the Rivne restaurant.

Tuesday, 11
Breakfast at 8:00.
Visit to CRI Home Golovno 52-10 to meet CRI children ##209007,Sergiy Dunets (M. Tait).
Meeting with withdrawn Maryna Chepcheruk (Kovel, e-mail : Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees. - Cell +380976354980 (skype: uncleyuriy (yuri). (Leon Tait)
Visit to CRI Home Mayaki 52-12 to meet CRI children #1107476, Angelina Naumyuk, #1109083 Yana Zhuk, (Miss G.B. Bhuda & Ms M.M. Nel)
Back to Rivne.
Wednesday, 12
Visiting CRI Homes Klevan 50-7 (child #1109265, Vladyslav Kotukh) (Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman)
Visiting CRI Homes Kmytiv 51-7 (children #208100, Lyubov Petrenko; - Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman; #1105550 Kostyantyn Stolyarchuk –(Miss G.B. Bhuda & Ms M.M. Nel); #1109123, Yelyzavet Bolzhelarska; - (Dr & Mrs R.D. & K. van der Meulen),
Visiting CRI Homes Berezivka 51-10 (child 1100733, Daryna Smolyar – (Miss S. Moore & Mr S. Street)
Visit to CRI Home Grymayliv 54-6 to meet CRI child#1110987, Lyubov Smyglyuk – (Leon Tait)

Thursday, 13
Visit to CRI Home Senkevychivka 52-1 to meet CRI child #1100768, Vadym Ovsiychuk.- (Leon Tait)
Visit to CRI Home Lutsk 52-8 to meet CRI children # 1100647, Katya Pryhodko (Miss S. Moore & Mr S. Street); #52-8-1100644 Anastasiya Kostyuk (Miss M. Huyzers) + visiting Olga Churylo’s home (Prospekt Vidrodzhenja 4/66; Lutsk; Volinska Oblast, 43020 (Cell +380932726543) – (Leon Tait)

Friday, 14
Devotion with Rivne MWBU staff (at 9.00 a.m.). Tour on the Rivne MWBU office.
Lunch (BLUZ café)
Meeting with CRI child 204534, withdrawn Mariya Nimkovych at the Mission office (Leon Tait)
Shopping activity in Rivne shops and on the flee market.
Free time.
18.30 - Farewell dinner

Saturday, 15
Breakfast (8.00 a.m.)
Start going to the UA-Moldova border

Arriving to Moldova : Pick up the sponsors from UA - MD border - Mamaliga 15:00 or UA colleagues bring the sponsors to Chisinau. - Accommodation Vila Verde Hotel, Chisinau

Sunday, 16

13:10 flight LH1743 (Mrs M. Tait) {land 14:25 Munich, vertrek 20:50 met LH9542 ; land 08:25 Jhb} - Attending Church service in Chisinau - Visiting Capriana Monastery - will see on situation, as it is December month and very cold outside - Accommodation Vila Verde Hotel, Chisinau

Monday, 17

The large group is split into two groups: I small group - drives to Palanca CRI in COM 233-101 Coordinator V.Istrati Visiting child: Diana Prisaca #1111179 (DS L. Tait) II large group - drives to: Ciniseuti Home 216-1 Coord. P.Calaras Child: Andrian Frunza #1103034 (Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman) Orhei Home 219-1 Coord. P.Calaras Child: Diana Gulciag #72389 (Miss M. Huyzers) Tatiana Tetcu #1101083 (Miss J.D. Kok) - Accommodation Vila Verde Hotel, Chisinau

Tuesday, 18

Visiting MWB Office/ Warehouse - Departure to Straseni - Visiting Straseni Home 221-5 Coord. N.Cozlovschi Child: Sergiu Zabulica #1103043 (DS L. Tait) - Visiting Straseni Community Center - Meeting the CRI in COM children: Sabina Butnaru #1104728 (Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman) Valeriu Luca #1104731 (Miss S. Moore & Mr S. Street) - Accommodation Vila Verde Hotel, Chisinau

Wednesday, 19

Departure to Balti town - The large group is split into two: Ist group goes to Calarasauca CRI in COM 204-101 Coord. A.Aftinescu Child: Serghei Motuzoc #1111923 (Dr & Mrs R.D. & K. Van der Meulen) IInd group visits Balti CRI in COM 209-101 Coord. I.Munteanu Child: Alexandra Polesciuc #1111206 (Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman) Maria-Felicia Naclada #1111203 (Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman) - Meeting Marina Vdovicenco #72456 - the child studies at Valea Norocului Professional School - probably she will come to Balti town from Valea Norocului (Miss S. Moore & Mr S. Street) In the afternoon Balti Community 209-1 Family: Titirez #8156 (Mr & Mrs R. & H.F. Lindeman) Coord. V.Cheptea - Accommodation Vila Verde Hotel, Chisinau

Thursday, 20

Departure to South - Meeting the children in CRI in COM Colibasi 237-100 Coord. Ion Rosca Child: Catalin Florea # 1109996 (Miss M. Huyzers) Lucian Lupan #1110003 (Miss M. Huyzers) Daniel Fana # 1110005 (Miss M. Huyzers) - Lunch - Visiting Brinza CRI in COM 237-104 Coord. Ion Rosca Child: Marin Delia # 1106017 (DS L. Tait) Mihaela Eni # 1105998 (Miss S. Moore & Mr S. Street) - Accommodation Azalia Hotel, Cahul

Friday, 21

Leaving Azalia Hotel in Cahul town - Meeting the deaf children in Cahul Home 237-2 Coord. P.Groza - Visiting CRI in COM in Pelinei 237- 104 Coord. P.Groza Child: Silvia Fuior # 1104743 (Miss S. Moore & Mr S. Street) - Lunch in Cahul town - Departure to Purcari Winery - Accommodation Purcari Winery

Saturday, 22

Purcari Winery

Sunday, 23

Leaving Purcari Winery - 13:10 flight LH1743 from Chisinau via Munich waar ons 14:25 land; vertrek 20:50 LH9542 - Land in Jhb 08:25 SA time